Health, Safety, Wellness and Environment Policy Statement

Organisational Context

The Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) is a manufacturing-based Commonwealth agency, and sole supplier of Australia’s circulating coinage. The Mint also produces a range of high quality numismatic coins, medals and awards.

Application of Policy

This policy is applicable to all Mint work areas including those circumstances where Mint workers (including Mint Australian Public Service workers, contractors and volunteers) are required to work off-site.


The Mint recognises its moral and legal responsibility to:

  • provide a safe and healthy work environment for its workers and visitors
  • build and maintain a culture of supporting healthy lifestyle choices
  • implement ecologically sustainable development principles.

We are committed to communicating and consulting with workers and other persons about Health, Safety, Wellness and Environment issues and complying with applicable legislation. Where a legislative requirement, Code of Practice or Mint subscribed duty does not exist, the applicable Australian Standard is the minimum standard achieved. The Mint will undertake scheduled audits to help continuous improvement and ensure legislative compliance.

The Mint is committed to establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure:

  • continued improvement aimed at elimination by prevention of work-related injury and illness
  • continual improvement in health, safety and environment management and performance
  • continual improvement and prevention of pollution.


This policy is the overarching framework for setting and reviewing objectives and targets, with specific processes documented in HSEMS procedure MP-20L (HSEMS Planning and Review). The aforementioned commitments are demonstrated by the implementation of the 2016-2020 Strategic HSE Objectives and Targets plan and its associated annual action plan.

The Mint’s strategic objectives established for 2016-2020 are:

  • minimising WHS risks
  • maintain management system certification
  • provide rehabilitation management
  • implement environmental sustainable development practices.

Accountability and Responsibilities

Senior Managers (PCBU Officers) and Supervisors are responsible for:

  • promoting and implementing the HSE management system
  • development of risk assessments for all work-based activities, substances and equipment
  • providing a safe workplace and personal protective equipment
  • ensuring workers are suitably trained in HSE matters
  • staff participation in early intervention
  • supporting staff participation in wellness programs
  • consideration of the wider economic, social and environmental implications during decision making process
  • providing adequate resources to meet HSE commitments

All workers must:

  • follow all HSE management system procedures, work instructions and reasonable directions
  • support workers in their awareness and application of this policy
  • ensure their actions or inaction do not create a risk, or increase an existing risk, to themselves, others or the environment
  • report all hazards and incidents to their supervisor and Health and Safety Representative
  • actively contribute towards avoiding or minimising negative environmental impacts in their daily work.

Ross MacDiarmid
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Australian Mint

Health, Safety, Wellness and Environment Policy Statement