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Current issue coins

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Looking for a shiny gift, treat for yourself or collectible?

Our range of coins are available from the physical Mint Shop, the online Mint eShop, our call centre on 1300 652 020, or in almost any way other than bartering. 

We sell collectible coins in current issues only. We don’t sell circulating coins in rolls or individually, but we do swap sachet bags for face value on our outreach events that travel throughout Australia. For dates, keep an eye on our News & Media page.

Past issue coins

For coins from years gone by, you will need to go through coin dealers. We’ve made a list of Australian and international Mint-accredited distributors on our Coin distributors page.

Selling coins

To sell coins, it’s best to contact a professional Coin Distributor. They will need to see the coin to assess its condition before giving you a valuation. Do some research beforehand to help you figure out if you’re getting value for money.

You can’t sell your coins to the Mint. That’s because we don’t buy back coins, and we don’t accept deposits of coins directly from individuals, organisations or businesses.

How to value coins

At the Mint, we don’t value coins because there are a lot of complexities involved such as a coin’s rarity, condition and interest by other collectors.

A good place to start is by doing a bit of research. You might be able to get a rough value from Renniks Australian Coin and Banknote Values.

Some professional Coin Distributors can also provide valuations for coins. Click here for more information.

Worn and Damaged Coin Policy

If you have worn or damaged coins, you can deposit them with your bank for the full face value.

If you have mutilated coins, your bank will ask you to complete a Mutilated Coin Claim Form and your coins will be sent to the Mint for processing. If your coins are accepted, the Mint will pay a scrap value, not the full face value.

Find out more with our Worn and Mutilated Coin Policy.

Warranty and Returned Goods Policy

For more information on warranties and returned goods, see Warranty and Returned Goods Policy.

Please contact the Mint before returning damaged coins.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and if our product does not meet your expectations, our Returns Policy identifies the preferred approach to addressing your concerns, particularly if the product is defective or faulty.