Getting Started

How to start your own coin collection

Some people might call it ‘numismatics’. Others would simply call it ‘coin collecting’. Whatever name you prefer, coins have been collected and cherished for many centuries. By following some of the tips we’ve prepared for you, you’ll soon be making your own way into this fun and rewarding hobby.

Circulating Coins
The easiest way to start a coin collection is to save the coins you receive in your change. Before too long, there will be a wide range of years and pictures in your album. Check out the 20c, 50c, $1 and $2 coins, which have had many commemorative designs over the years. For a full list of these special designs, check out our designs pages.

In 2016, the Royal Australian Mint is marking the 50th anniversary of decimal currency with special commemorative designs on every coin denomination.

Uncirculated Coins
Once you’re ready to expand your collection, uncirculated coins are made and sold especially for collectors. Whether they are more special versions of the circulating designs or specially-designed collectibles, they are free from any damage or blemishes that circulating coins sometimes suffer, and come in special packaging that sets them apart from regular coins. For further information, check out our Collector coins.

Proof Coins
When it’s time to start looking for highlights for your collection, or for serious investment pieces, look for proof coins, which are often made of precious metals such as gold or silver. Check the mintage of the coin in our eShop; the fewer coins made, the more valuable they are likely to become over time. Unique coins with special shapes, sizes or features will also give them some added value. For further information, check out our Collector coins.

Other Places to Look
Coin dealers have a wide range of coins from years past, and can provide expert advice on the pieces you’d like to buy. See our list of recommended dealers to find one in your capital city.Coin clubs and associations give you the chance to make friends with people who share your passion, and to share ideas and knowledge you’ve gained through your collecting.Coin shows bring dealers and collectors together in the one place, with many pieces to potentially add to your collection.

Making Coins
If you are lucky enough to visit the Mint, you can strike an uncirculated coin in the visitor press (for a cost of $3). Every year, this machine makes a new coin design that you can’t get anywhere else. We also have a travelling press which visits Royal Shows and special events in cities across the country. Keep an eye on our social media pages for news about when the press may be heading your way.

Staying Informed
Check the Mint’s eShop, or our catalogue Mint Issue, to be kept aware of the coin releases that will be of interest to you. There will often be proof and uncirculated options for our themed releases, giving the opportunity to have a wide range of pieces related to your particular passions.