Fraud Control Policy

The Royal Australian Mint (Mint) has adopted a Fraud Control Policy in line with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework 2017. Our aim is to reflect best practice in identifying and controlling our fraud risks.

Fraud is defined as “dishonestly obtaining a benefit, or causing a loss, by deception or other means”. The Mint is committed to protecting its assets and resources from any attempt, either by members of the public, contractors, sub-contractors, agents, intermediaries or its own employees to commit fraud.

This policy is designed to protect public money and property, protect the integrity, security and reputation of the Mint and maintain a high level of service to the community consistent with good governance.

This is to be achieved by:

  • a thorough assessment of fraud risks particular to the operating environment of the Mint and of the programs the Mint administers;
  • the development and implementation of processes and systems to effectively prevent, detect and investigate fraud;
  • the application of appropriate prosecutorial, civil, administrative or disciplinary action to remedy the harms from fraud;
  • the recovery of proceeds of fraudulent activity;
  • the training of all employees and relevant contractors in fraud awareness and specialised training of employees involved in fraud control activities; and
  • the external scrutiny of fraud control activities by the ANAO to provide accountability to Parliament.

The Mint actively seeks to raise awareness of fraud control among staff, to foster and maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour by compliance with the Public Service Act 1999, the APS Values and Code of Conduct and the Mint Values.

The Mint also aims to promote an environment that encourages staff involvement in the strategies to prevent fraud and to encourage all Mint employees, either ongoing, non-ongoing or on contract, to report all suspected instances of fraud without fear of prejudice or recrimination.

The community rightly has an expectation that Commonwealth employees will acknowledge and fulfil their responsibility to protect public money and property. The Mint and all Mint employees actively support the policies and procedures in relation to fraud control.


Leigh Gordon  AO CSM
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Australian Mint

Fraud Control Policy (PDF) 

Fraud Reporting Hotline