The Mint is more than a coin making factory. We’re a keeper of stories, art and creativity.

Exhibitions at the Mint reveal the truth of coins. Their history, art, science and traditions.

Whether you’re new to coins or have been collecting all your life, explore our galleries to find old favourites and new delights.

See precious pieces of history and the diversity of error coins that can happen in the minting process.

No coin is ordinary

Coins may be common in our daily lives, and overlooked under couch cushions, but each one is still special.

Who else has held it? Why is the design different? Is it older than you? Australia’s coin history holds surprising and important stories.

Treasures of the National Coin Collection 

Precious coins of beauty, value and rarity

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One in a million

When good coins go bad

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110 Years of the Australian Penny

Australia's pre-decimal currency

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