Coin Release Ballot FAQs - EQL

By entering a Ballot you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of both the Royal Australian Mint and EQL. We encourage all users to read and understand these Terms and Conditions of Use before entering a Ballot.

Royal Australian Mint Terms and Conditions

EQL Terms and Conditions

Am I charged to enter the Ballot?

You won’t be charged to enter the ballot. We just need your card details so that if you happen to be successful, we can make sure your order is processed quickly and smoothly. You will not be charged if you are unsuccessful.

You will need to have available funds for the order to be processed. If you do not have available funds the transaction will fail and the order will be declined.

Can I use my Mint account to log into EQL?

No, you are required to create an EQL account if you don't have one already. A new EQL account can only be created when the launch opens. We would encourage you to use the same email address as your Mint account.

I'm experiencing issues entering the Ballot. What do I do?

Issues may be caused by using a very old internet browser or operating system. We encourage all users to update their browsers and operating systems. If you are still experiencing issues please email for assistance.

Why do I need to verify my card to enter the Ballot?

The 3D secure feature is here to help both banks and the Mint verify that you’re a genuine cardholder. This extra step makes sure your card isn’t stolen and that there’s been no funny business with it before. And remember, you’ll only see a charge if luck is on your side and you’re chosen as a winner when the ballot wraps up.

Can I withdraw from the Ballot if I change my mind?

Absolutely! If the draw hasn’t finished yet, no worries – you can go back to the launch page and simply click on the friendly red button that says ‘Cancel my Entry’.

Just to let you know, if you decide to withdraw from the ballot, there won’t be any charges at all.

But here’s a heads-up: once you’re successful, it’s not possible to withdraw. Confirming your entry means you’re all set to buy the product if you’re successful.

And remember, when a successful draw entrant wins a product, it’s exclusively theirs – the product won’t be up for grabs by other customers anymore.

Can I enter the ballot multiple times?

The Mint is excited about giving everyone a fair shot at entering the draw and snagging the products they adore. As a result, we kindly request that each person only enters once per product.

How do I know if I have won?

If you are successful, we’ll make sure to notify you through an email from EQL, ensuring you don’t miss the exciting news. Make sure you check your spam/junk folder just in case you have not received the email straight to your inbox. Once the Mint has processed the order you will receive and acknowledgment email as well.

Rest assured, your items will be on its way following the Mint’s terms and conditions. Our team will handle your order with care, processing it just like usual and ensuring it’s shipped to you within the specified delivery times mentioned on our website.

Can EQL really stop the bots?

EQL have built and designed an ecommerce platform that filters out bots and bad actors.

When will my order be shipped?

Please allow approximately 20-25 business days* for Australian orders and 25 business days* for international orders to be delivered after the date of dispatch. *Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Please visit this page for Order Updates.

What is your Privacy Policy?

The Mint has engaged EQL to provide launch services in relation to the Mint’s eShop. EQL’s Privacy Policy explains how EQL handles personal information.

The Mint’s Privacy Policy explains how the Mint handles personal information, including personal information collected by it via the Mint’s eShop.

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