Cross of Valour (CV)

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Cross of ValourThe Cross of Valour is awarded only for acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril. It is the highest Australian Bravery Decoration and the highest civilian bravery award in Australia. Recipients of this award can use the post nominal CV.

The Cross of Valour is an 18ct gold, straight-armed cross with diminishing rays between the arms, ensigned with the Crown of Saint Edward. The obverse of the medal has the shield and crest of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms surmounted by a Federation Star. The cross is surmounted by a gold suspender bar with the raised words FOR VALOUR. The ribbon is magenta with a blood-red central band, symbolising the colours of venous and arterial blood.

Since its inception, the Cross of Valour has been awarded only five times. The recipients are listed below.

Mr Darrell Tree CV
Mr Darrell Tree, a South Australian farmer, was awarded the Cross of Valour for an act of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril, as he attempted to save a crane driver and his son from electrocution in August 1988.

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Mr Victor Boscoe CV
Mr Victor Boscoe CV received the Cross of Valour following his heroic actions on the morning of 13 September 1993. Mr Boscoe risked his life repetitively in pursuing two armed men when he witnessed them fleeing from the scene of a robbery. Mr Boscoe continued to follow these men even when having multiple shots fired at him. Thanks to Mr Boscoe the police were given a detailed description of these armed robbers which greatly assisted in the conviction of the principal offender.

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Mr Allan Sparkes CV
In the morning of 3 May 1996, following extreme rainfalls in Coffs Harbour Mr Allan Sparkes and a colleague responded to an urgent call for assistance to rescue a boy trapped in a flooded underground storm water drain. Due to the strength of the current, and the lack of light, Mr Sparkes was forced to sacrifice his own safety to find and rescue the young boy.

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Mr Timothy Britten CV and Mr Richard Joyes CV
On October 2002, Constable Timothy Britten and Richard Joyes placed their lives in danger to save others following a terrorist bombing in Bali. Constable Britten and Mr Joyes repeatedly entered Sari Club in Bali’s tourist centre to rescue a badly injured woman and search for survivors. Despite being forced back many times by intense flames, these two men continued to return inside and was eventually able to carry the woman to an ambulance. Together these two men worked tirelessly to ensure that the wounded were helped by emergency services.

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