Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins mark events, people or organisations which have significantly impacted Australia, or other unique aspects of Australian life.

Circulating commemorative coins are a great way to start a collection and collectible commemorative coins are a brilliant (literally) way of keeping it growing.

Types of collectible coins

The Mint’s collectible coins sparkle and shine with the special processes they go through. Each is precisely struck, a celebration of the craft of our world-class designers and engineers.

2017 20c UNC Obverse


These coins are the basis of many coin collections. They usually highlight significant Australian people, places and events.

Uncirculated coins are made from the same materials as circulated coins but are struck at a slower rate with greater force. This produces a sharper image with clearly defined edges. They are also slightly more polished than circulating coins and are typically packaged in presentation cards.

2017 Silver Proof Obverse

Frosted Uncirculated

These coins are often the highlight of an uncirculated coin collection.

Frosted uncirculated coins use the same processes and technology behind uncirculated coins. Their difference is in their highly polished, more striking image against a frosted background.

2017 20c Silver Proof


These coins are the peak demonstration of the Mint’s commitment to artistic and engineering excellence.

Proof coins are generally made with valuable metals such as gold and silver. They are produced with limited mintages and are packaged in presentation cases with numbered certificates of authenticity.

Antique finish


These coins are all about bringing back a sense of numismatist nostalgia.

Antique coins, once struck, go through a series of processes by hand. This is unlike any other coin finish and gives antique coins the unique and beautiful physical qualities of an old treasure full of meaning.

Our rules for coin design

Not just anything can go on a coin, so how do we decide on the design? Find out here.

Circulating Coins with a Commemorative Design Policy

Uncirculating Coins Policy 

Tell us your coin ideas!

Got an idea worth striking into numismatic history?

We love hearing your ideas for coin releases! To submit your theme for a future uncirculated coin release, send an email to

Remember, developing a coin can take up to two years, so a good theme is usually one that stands the test of time. If your theme is chosen, proposed designs are submitted to the responsible Minister under the Currency Act 1965 for approval.

The Minister then (hopefully) approves the face value, issue price, design, shape, dimensions, weight and composition of the proposed coin. Approved designs are lodged on the Federal Register of Legislation and then get tabled in Federal Parliament!