Gallery Press Limits

Due to anticipated high visitor numbers over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, the Mint will be applying limits to the number of coins customers can strike on the Mint’s gallery presses.

These special limits will apply from Monday 26 December 2022 – Sunday 15 January and will be adjusted based on capacity and demand. Limits will be listed on the Gallery Presses and updated as required.

The limits for Saturday 31 December & Sunday 1 January will be 1 coin per customer per day.

Outside these dates the normal limits will apply.

Christmas Holiday Opening Hours and Tour Times

The Royal Australian Mint team would like to take this opportunity to wish our collectors and visitors a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.

If you find yourself in Canberra during your holiday, be sure to visit the Mint where you can take a free tour, strike a coin, or enjoy a relaxing coffee at the café.

When planning your visit please keep in mind that the Mint will be closed on Christmas Day and the factory will not be in operation from close of business Friday 23 December 2022 and will reopen on Tuesday 3 January 2023.

2023 Mintmark Suite Release Update

The release of the 2023 Mintmark suite, listed below, will be delayed until 8.30am AEDT Thursday 2 February 2023.

This change will not affect the Last and First Coin of the Year events.

2023 $1 Mintmark and Privy Mark Uncirculated Four-Coin Set - RRP $30
2023 $10 ‘C’ Mintmark Gold Proof Coin - RRP $360
2023 $1 'C' Mintmark Silver Proof Coin - RRP $60

The theme will be announced on January 1 2023

Last and First Coin of the Year Events

Last Coin of the Year

Join us at the Mint on the last day of the year for your chance to secure the last coins produced for the year.

On December 31 at 3:45 pm, the Mint will hold a draw at the Mint to select the last ten customers to strike a coin in 2022. Each lucky winner will then enter the Mint to strike their coin and receive a certificate authenticating their last coin for 2022.

Due to health and safety concerns, the Mint requests no visitors queue at the Mint prior to 1.00 pm on New Year’s Eve.

The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse - FAQs

Q. What is the difference between the current obverse and The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse?

A. The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse is identical to existing obverse designs and features the Jody Clark effigy. The only difference is the addition of Her Majesty’s years of reign – 1952 – 2022.

Q. What coins will feature The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse?


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