Buying and Valuing Coins

Buying Coins
There are a number of ways you can purchase products from the Mint. Please see Purchase for more details but note that the Mint sells current issues only. If you are searching for coins from previous years you will need to go through coin dealers. For a full list of Mint-accredited dealers please see our Coin Distributors page.

The coins you can purchase from the Mint are collectable coins, we do not sell circulating coins in rolls or individually. However, sachet bags are available on our Roadshow Tours that travel throughout Australia. For Roadshow Tour dates, please refer to our website, under News & Media.

Selling Coins
The Royal Australian Mint does not buy back coins, nor do we accept deposits of coins directly from individuals, organisations or businesses.

If you want to sell your coins, you should contact a Professional Coin Distributor who will need to see the coin to assess its condition before giving you a valuation. Remember, knowledge about your coins will help you make a better judgement about whether you’re getting value for money.

Worn or Damaged Coins
If you have worn or damaged coins you can deposit them with your bank for the full face value. If you have mutilated coins, your bank will require you to complete a Mutilated Coin Claim Form and your deposit will be forwarded to the Mint for processing. If your coins are accepted the Mint will pay a scrap value, but not the full face value. For more information, see our Worn and Damaged Circulating Coin Policy and Worn and Damaged Coin Handling Guide.

Valuing Coins
The Mint does not value coins. Many issues are involved in assessing the value of a coin including its rarity, condition, and demand for the coin by other collectors. You may like to do some preliminary research yourself. A good place to obtain an approximate value is Greg McDonald’s "The Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes" or "Renniks Australian Coin and Banknote Values", which are regularly available for sale from the Mint Coin Shop or through coin dealers.